The accumulation of knowledge is mankind's greatest achievement. At FRONTIER21, we are dedicated to building an international community of learners by continually developing and exchanging new knowledge with our network of peers. Through writing of journal articles, research reports, multimedia cds, web pages, and policy papers, we are able to share and explore our ideas with others. If you would like a copy of any of our publications, email us with the title and we will work to meet your request. A nominal fee may be charged to cover costs of copying and mailing.


Documents Available

 Barrios, N., & Schuh, A. (2001).  Evaluation of     the Maryland Reading Excellence Act.     Tallahassee: MGT of America.

 Rosenblum, S. & Schuh, A. (2001). Report of     the Evaluation of the Middle Grades Project.     Philadelphia, PA: Rosenblum-Brigham


 Schuh, A & Rosenblum, S. (2001). Report of
    the Evaluation of Opera Company of
    Philadelphia Education Outreach Program-
    Sounds of Learning.
Philadelphia, PA:
    Rosenblum-Brigham Associates.

 Schuh, A. & Meister, G. (2001).  Philadelphia
    Charter School Profiles (1999-2000), CD-
 Philadelphia, PA: Greater Philadelphia
    Urban Affairs Coalition & Drexel University/
    Foundations Technical Assistance Center.

 Schuh, A. & Meister, G. (2000). Making
    charters work: A study of the Implementation
    of Philadelphia's first charter schools.
    Philadelphia, PA: Greater Philadelphia Urban
    Affairs Coalition.

 Schuh, A. (1999). Breaking under:
    Computers' role in self-organizing learning
    among students in multiple learning
Philadelphia, PA: FRONTIER21

 Schuh, A. (1999). A New Family in Mantua: A
    Brief History of the Founding of the Family
    Charter School.
Philadelphia, PA:
FRONTIER21 Research.

 Rosenblum, S. & Schuh, A. (1998). Report on
    the Distance Learning Project of the New
    Jersey Council for the Humanities.

Philadelphia: Rosenblum-Brigham Associates.

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    (Evaluation of the Technical Assistance Center
    for Public Charter Schools).
Drexel University/Foundations, Inc. Technical
    Assistance Center.

  Schuh, A. (1998). Collaborative Learning
     Beyond the Classroom: A case study of the
     use of computers for learning in a boarding
Doctoral dissertation. Philadelphia, PA:
     University of Penn.

 Rosenblum, S., & Schuh, A. (1997). Report on
    the Partners Program of Philadelphia.

    Philadelphia: Rosenblum-Brigham Associates.

  Schuh, A. (1997). Uniting for Children: A
     Report on the Progress of the QuEST School
     Improvement Program of the Philadelphia
     Federation of Teachers.
Philadelphia, PA:
     Philadelphia Fed. of Teachers.

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    residential schools for economically     
disadvantaged youth. Residential Treatment for
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14 (4), pp. 1-14.

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Philadelphia: Drexel
University/Foundations, Inc.

 Ginsburg, L., Gal, I., & Schuh, A. (1995). What
    does "100% Juice" mean? Exploring adult
    learners' knowledge of percent.
    National Center on Adult Literacy.

 Gal, I., & Schuh, A. (1994). Who counts in
    adult literacy programs? A national survey of
    numeracy education.
Philadelphia: National
    Center on Adult Literacy.




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